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PE and Sport Premium

PE Premium


PE and Sport at Roger Ascham: Including Impact of Sports Premium 2016/2017


Our school aim is to encourage children to think for themselves; guide them towards acting in the best interests of us all. We try to ensure that every area of our school’s curriculum helps to achieve this aim, including PE.


Physical Education at Roger Ascham enables all children to develop and apply physical and creative skills alongside a knowledge and understanding of health and fitness to achieve personal progress and personal best. Children will develop their agility, balance, coordination and the fundamental movement and sports skills as well as healthy competition and cooperative learning to lead a healthier and active lifestyle. They will also have the opportunity to achieve and have fun!


Our PE Curriculum will provide all children with:


  • Two hours of high quality core physical education each week during curriculum time;
  • An opportunity to attend an extra-curricular club each half term;
  • Swimming lessons in years 3 and 4 – so they learn to swim before they have the freedom at home of being allowed to ‘play out’;
  • The knowledge and understanding to lead an active healthier lifestyle;
  • The opportunity to regularly compete in intra-school competition.



It will provide some children with:


  • The opportunity to compete in inter-school competition;
  • Participation in a Young Sports Leader programme;
  • The opportunity to act as Sports Ambassadors leading and organising competitions and mini sports events;
  • Access to gifted and talented clubs and programmes in the local area
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At Roger Ascham we employ a full-time a specialist PE teacher and sports coach. We also employ coaches in athletics, core skills, dance and karate.

PE and Sports Premium


This extra funding is being allocated directly to primary schools from the government.


The purpose of the funding is to:

  • raise teachers’ skills in teaching PE;
  • involve qualified sports coaches in PE lessons;
  • improve PE and sports resources in schools;
  • run sports competitions and increase participation in Schools Games;
  • support and involve the least active children in sports clubs.


This year Roger Ascham will receive just over £10 000 in additional PE Premium funding.


The school already allocates funds for a specialist PE teacher and coach, swimming pool hire and 10 hours per week of specialist coaching at an annual cost of over £75 000.


As well as the above, additional funding from the PE premium has already or will be spent in the following ways:

Record of School Sports Premium spending by item Academic Year 2016/2017

Item/Project Cost Objective Outcome/Impact
CPD - Youth Sports Trust £290

Develop a wider awareness of PE/Sports/healthy living.

Understanding PE/Sports in a wider context, as a result, improving the quality of teaching PE across the school. 


Applying and sharing knowledge with school community and networking with professionals. 

CPD Sports Coach Level 3 (Teaching Assistant)


Understand teaching PE in primary schools.

Quality of teaching enhanced.


Improve pupil participation and enjoyment for physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Schools Sports Network – core membership program /additional packages/YST membership


To participate in Borough wide competitions and CPD courses.

Increased participation of competitive sports at Level 1, 2 and 3.


Greater understanding of delivering effective lessons.


Children’s approach to physical literacy enhanced and their wellbeing improved.

CPD- BTEC National Foundation in (OFqual) Sports Science/Sports Injuries/Sports therapy.


To increase and improve knowledge of sports at a broader capacity. 

To help children understand and improve their physical capabilities based on sports science.


To enable children to become long life learners of physical, emotional and social wellbeing – lead an active lifestyle.

PE/Sports Specific resources

£3,500-(£2,500 School PE budget)

To provide a wide range of activities for children of all abilities including catering for SEND children.

Effective and motivated lessons for all children and abilities – enjoyment!

Enhanced swimming sessions


To improve and enhance children’s learning at a world class Olympic venue.

An effective progression to individuals’ swimming capabilities that is monitored rigorously and tracked.

Minibus hire


To offer children the access to use an Olympic legacy pool

New sporting experiences.

Outdoor/adventurous sports –Kayaking/Sailing


To provide new sporting experiences and opportunities.

To identify new interests and spot talents.

Long jump sandpit


To provide an all year round of specialist facilities on sight.

To enable children to practise and experience skills over long periods.

Extra –Curricular - Fencing


To provide new sporting experiences and opportunities.

To identify new interests and spot talents.

Family FUNS training and workshops

Deferred - TBC

Community cohesion – enabling families to develop physical literacy at home.

Children are ready to develop and extend physical skills from an earlier age.

Playground markings- Juniors


Increase physical activity before school, during playtimes and lunchtimes.  Improve quality of sports and games during PE/clubs.

Improve healthy active learners.


Improve sports specific awareness –netball/basketball/football.

Playground markings- KS1 and EYS


Increase physical activity before school, during playtimes and lunchtimes.  Improve quality of sports and games during PE/clubs.

Healthy, active children.

Change4Life activities/community workshops.


To develop a greater understanding of leading healthy active lifestyles for the school community.

Healthy, active community.

Balance ability bikes-KS1


To increase and improve cycle provision.

Improve and increase cycle proficiency.

Sports Day Venue Hire


Intra-school competition experience.

To enable all children with competition experience in track and field events.

Sports Day Medals/Trophies


Rewards for intra-school competition - annual Sports Day

For all children to achieve at all levels.

School Games Day (Led by Young Sports Ambassadors)


Sports Leaders to organise events and competitions during the school year. Inviting external sports athletes and mentors to inspire and support.

Motivate and inspire children to ‘drive’ their own learning towards leading a healthy active lifestyle.