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Children in Year 6 decided to interview a couple of teachers for their newspaper. I thought this was a fantastic idea and wanted to make it a regular thing, so here is our first section. If there is a teacher you would like to interview or ask a question to, please let me know. 

Mr Desoer - Reception Teacher - by Zakaria Year 6

What are your favourite lessons to teach?

At the moment I’m teaching Reception and I have to say I enjoy teaching every lesson in Reception. What really excites me about teaching four and five year  olds is how you see all the things that they’re getting good at: learning their letter sounds and putting them together; beginning to write. And you know that's going to be the very beginning of everything that they are going to build on throughout school, and throughout their lives.


How have you been feeling since the schools opened again?

It's been so wonderful being able to hear children's voices in our school and see a school full of people enjoying their learning, and enjoying seeing each other. So actually I’m pretty positive about the fact that we’re all back together again.


We heard you are participating in a cycling challenge. What would happen if you didn’t finish the 220 miles cycling challenge?

At the moment, I’m not considering not finishing it, I’ve trained for many months. The longest cycle ride I’ve done so far has been about 107 miles and that took me about 6 hours. It’s for a really important cause: a charity called Ambitious About Autism. What they do is provide families with the support to help them live successful and fulfilling lives.


Are you excited about this 220 miles challenge?

I am excited and a little bit nervous, because my legs are going to get sore and sitting on a saddle for 16 hours will also be quite sore, but I am really excited too.

Ms Ashraff - PE Teacher - by Zakaria Year 6

Is sports day different from all the other sports days due to Covid?

Yes, it will be different this year, because our parents won’t be coming to spectate, just children and teachers.


Why do you think people should enjoy sports day?

They should just have fun, have fun and have a go at different games, and just enjoy it. I think that’s what we all need to do, enjoy things and enjoy life.


What are the sports  day teams?

Children are split into different teams and there are girls, - group A B C - and boys A B C. There are also sports day colours: white, green, red, blue and yellow.


How many people are you expected to get medals?

I think there are going to be around 180 children earning medals.


Do you think people will improve their skills by the end of the day?

I most definitely think that children will have improved by the end of sports day.


Were the sports day teams put in any particular order?

The teams were put in ability groups, so you're not competing against someone faster or slower but someone with the same level as you.


How do you think the sports day will go?

I think the sports day will go amazing, as always, because the children make it an amazing day.


What if it rains on sports day?

If it rains and it’s light showers then we can proceed, but if it rains heavily, then it will be canceled because it will make the place unsafe.

Rob Lowe - Cricket Coach - by 3A

What age did you start playing cricket?

I was 6 years old when I first started playing.


How did you get into playing cricket?

My parents were the ones who introduced me.


Who taught you to play?

My Grandpa first taught me and then I learned at school.


Do you enjoy playing cricket?

Yes, I love it . That's why I still give up my weekends to play.


Do you enjoy teaching cricket?

Yes, of course.


How many children have you taught?

Around 350, I teach in 2 schools and do after school clubs.


Did you play cricket at University?

No, I played hockey. My degree is in Marketing and Tourism.


Was it easy to learn and play, what was your journey?

I started in the back garden and the park with my friends. I also practised at school and joined the team.


Did you learn from your mistakes?

Yes, you always learn more from your mistakes.