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Thank you to those who made it to our E-Safety meetings. Mr Sadiq and I hope that it was useful to you. Parents and carers who came along asked for a copy of the slides, so I am putting them here for anyone who wishes to view them.


Some main points:

  • We tell the children to tell and adult if they have an 'uh-oh' moment, even if they know they have done something wrong. Please share the same message. They can always come and tell any of the adults in the school or fill in the 'report a problem' form on their E-Safety page (under Children). This form has been showed to all children in the school.


  • There are age limits for different apps, please use them as they are legally enforceable in the UK. Please also ensure older siblings and carers are aware of what they are letting children watch. 


  • New content and apps are appearing all the time. What you see one day and think is ok, the next day it may not be. 


  • Set your internet controls and keep your password safe. Do not give your children permission to download any 'free app'. Please follow the PEGI rating system to keep them safe.


We also provided handouts that I shall put on here as soon as possible too. 


If you have any questions then we have a wide network in school of people who can help. Please speak to your class teacher or come and find one of us.


Mr Sadiq (Year 3) and Miss Young (Year 2) are E-Safety officers.

Ms Natai (Assistant Head) and Ms Bain are part of the Safeguarding team. 

Mr Harris (Year 2) is SENDCo.