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Wonderful Work at Home- June 2020

Beau's Rainforests
Eliza flying a huge butterfly kite.
Hanaa's illustration based on the book 'Leaf'.
Dolphins by Linus
A very tall sunflower and a very tall Linus.
Photography by Lishanth.
Photography by Orla.
Gardener Orla.
Photography by Oscar.
Photography by Oscar.. part 2.
Ralph's Rainforest
Polar Bears by Rijja.
Aayan wonderful work on biomes
Aayan's writing in role- 'Leaf'
Beau's amazing artwork relating to our shared book
Eliza's work on the feelings of a character
Eliza's work on the feelings of a character
Ethan's magnificent maths work
George's life in the rainforest
Grace's life in the rainforest
James W's wonderful work about illustrations
Amazing photography by Linus. Froglet in the pond.
Lishanth has designated
Lylia's fantastic work on polar bears
Matias is imagining the feelings of the polar bear
Milan- dialogue between the characters
Oscar's fantastic work about Leaf.
Ralph discovered a new food chain
Ralph in a complicated yoga pose.
Linus- Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy
Linus- Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Perfect Poetry

Eliza’s heartfelt poetry

Lego Master Builders!

Take a look at Ethan's Ninjago Ultra Tank.
Grace's super Lego model.
George's amazing Lego car.

A wonderful rainbow appeared...

Super Sunflowers.

This looks great, George!
Wow! Well done, Grace.
Gardener Matias
Tianna's sunflower. Great job, Tianna,

Working hard at home

Zaki working tremendously hard at his desk.
Wonderful work by Tamia.
Oscar’s fantastic writing.
Luca’s instructions and recipe.
The finished product.
A quick cup of tea after so much writing.
A wonderful postcard, Linus.
Comics are great fun.
Great teamwork from Grace and George.
Azad's superhero maths work.
Azad's amazing flying machine.
Yuki is working hard with her sister.
Azad's wonderful work about telling the time.
Matias is growing a sunflower!
Oscar's online guitar lessons
Oscar's super electrician work
Oscar the electrician
Oscar and Auden's science experiment
Wonderful word problems by Lishanth.
Lishanth has also been telling the time.
Quarter past and quarter to the hour, by Lishanth.
Lishanth's food chain.
Look at Tianna's plant! Well done, Tianna.
Made made an amazing potato clock!

Monster Monday!

Orla created a wonderful, colourful monster.
George and Grace's mum had a go, too!

Wonderful writing

Zaki’s recipe.
Azad’s instructions.
Fantastic writing, George.
Well done, Grace.
Super writer Tamia.
Wonderful haikus, Linus.

What are the teachers learning about?

Mrs Reddick is finding out lots about computers!
Mr Harris 'rocking out' on TimesTablesRockstars!
Mrs Kelly is keeping fit!