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Perfect Poetry

Perfect Poetry 1 Eliza’s heartfelt poetry

A wonderful rainbow appeared...

A wonderful rainbow appeared... 1
A wonderful rainbow appeared... 2
A wonderful rainbow appeared... 3
A wonderful rainbow appeared... 4
A wonderful rainbow appeared... 5
A wonderful rainbow appeared... 6

Working hard at home

Working hard at home 1 Zaki working tremendously hard at his desk.
Working hard at home 2 Wonderful work by Tamia.
Working hard at home 3 Oscar’s fantastic writing.
Working hard at home 4 Luca’s instructions and recipe.
Working hard at home 5 The finished product.
Working hard at home 6 A quick cup of tea after so much writing.
Working hard at home 7 A wonderful postcard, Linus.
Working hard at home 8 Comics are great fun.
Working hard at home 9 Great teamwork from Grace and George.
Working hard at home 10 Azad's superhero maths work.

Monster Monday!

Monster Monday! 1 Orla created a wonderful, colourful monster.
Monster Monday! 2 Geroge and Grace's mum had a go, too!

Wonderful writing

Wonderful writing 1 Zaki’s recipe.
Wonderful writing 2 Azad’s instructions.
Wonderful writing 3 Fantastic writing, George.
Wonderful writing 4 Well done, Grace.
Wonderful writing 5 Super writer Tamia.
Wonderful writing 6 Wonderful haikus, Linus.

Mrs Reddick is finding out lots about computers!

Mrs Reddick is finding out lots about computers! 1