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Mabel making her jam sandwich!
Fantastic instruction writing, Martha!
Isabelle has been writing a shopping list!
Martha had fun during the Easter break!
Can you follow these instructions by Mabel?
Look at Hana's shopping list!
A wonderful shopping list, Dillon!
Dillion has been playing a tricky words game!
Sandra has been writing a shopping list!
Look at Georgi's shopping list!
Sofia's shopping list
Sara's shopping list
A great shopping list, Mabel!
Auden has been answering questions about bats
Great phonics work Filip!
An interesting list from Auden
Auden was busy during the Easter break
Isabelle has sorted different food
What did Fatimah do during the Easter break?
Look at what Sully got up to over the Easter break
What a fantastic story, Tesslyn!
Auden has added labels to Tinkerbell
Amazing adjectives from Auden!
Great labelling, Dillon!
Elspeth's lovely letter to her Grandma.
Well done for sounding out your words Fillip.
A fantastic story Sandra!
Archie's amazing story!
Hana has coloured and labelled her cat!
Great matching Georgi!
Well done for labelling your cat Maya!
All the things that Maya loves about school!
Well done Fyfe, you have labelled your cat.
Martha's stripy cats.
Alexander's stripy, ginger cat.
Well done Mia, you added labels to your cat too.
McKenzie's colourful rainbow cat.
Great work Taylor!
Sandra has stretched words carefully, well done!
Some very careful sorting Georgi.
An amazing drawing of my cat Sully!
Well done for sounding out your words Isabelle!
Well done Maya! My cat's favourite colour is red.
What a fantastic story, Hana!


Martha has been practising her adding!
Martha has been practising her counting.
Isabelle has made a clock.
Isabelle has been telling the time!
A lovely number bonds rainbow from Isabelle
Martha's colourful clock
Martha has been on a 2D shape hunt
Martha has been thinking about number bonds
Hana has been telling the time with her clock.
Who is hiding behind the clock?
Dillon has been practising telling the time.
Sandra has been looking at capacity!
What a lovely clock, Sandra!
Georgi has made a lovely clock!
Dillon is practising writing numbers
A beautiful number bonds rainbow from Dillon
Sara and Sofia's 2d shape rocket
Sara and Sofia's 2d shape house
Dillon has been making 5
Dillon has answered some worded problems
Muhammad Amiin has been telling the time!
Do you know what Auden is doing in this picture?
Filip has been practising writing numbers
Great subtracting Filip!
A colourful clock made by Maya
Isabelle has been practising her number bonds!
What an amazing 2D shape robot, Tesslyn!
Tesslyn made an Easter chick using 2D shapes.
Beth has been practising her number bonds!
Auden's beautiful number bonds rainbow
Sully has been practising his number bonds!
Hana has made number bonds to 10
Hana has made number bonds to 5
Filip's number bond rainbow
Dillon's shape work
Elspeth has been making number bonds to 5 and 10.
Filip has been making number bonds to 10.
Sully's number bonds rainbow.
Mussa has investigated different ways to make 10.
Great work Hana!
Great adding Archie!
Hana is practising writing her numbers!
Fantastic work Maya!
Sully has identified the properties of 2D shapes.
Georgi has recorded the properties of 2d shapes.
Fatimah has shown different ways of making 5.
Mabel's maths rainbow

Creative area

Azaelia's funny emoji face!
What do you think Sofia is going to make?
Some careful rolling from Sara!
Sofia and Sara's very colourful octopus
Which animal have Sara and Sofia have made?
Sofia and Sara have been busy!
Some baking and creative decorating from Auden
Albie had fun making his mum a birthday cake!
Here is Albie helping to decorate the cake
What a beautiful birthday cake!
Can you guess what Albie is going to make?
Maya had fun getting messy with 'magic mud'!
A lovely mask! Who do you think is behind it?
Georgi colouring traditional Bulgarian Easter eggs
Georgi helps daddy to make a bird house - wow!
Printing Easter eggs
Filip's Easter bunny!
Happy Easter from Sandra and family!
Joseph's rainbow makes us smile!
A wonderful detailed lion! Who is behind the lion?
Sully's poster makes us all smile.
A wonderful mask! Who do you think is hiding?
Martha's rainbow making us all smile.
Maya's amazing picture of Rapunzel with aliens.
Fyfe's rainbow making us all smile.
A beautiful mask! Who do you think is hiding?
A great cat! Who is behind this mask?
A super 2D shape cat picture by Mia
A wonderful mask Fatimah!
What a magical unicorn Maya!
Dillon starts each day by doing yoga.


Martha is testing which objects sink or float.
Martha is enjoying being a scientist!
What did Sandra find on her hunt?
Elspeth having fun with her dissolving experiment
Like all good scientists...recording her results
Dillon had fun testing which things sink or float!
Maya is ready to start her dissolving experiments
Look how well Isabelle's sunflower is growing!
Beth carried out a sink or float experiment.
Beth found out which substances dissolved in water
Wow! What has Beth been looking after?
Sarjana's sunflower!
Sarjana wrote about things that a sunflower needs.
Great investigating, Elspeth!
Sandra's sunflower has started to grow!
Wow! Romeo's sunflower is growing!
Well done for labelling your sunflower Sully!
McKenzie found fox cubs under his house!
Do you know what Martha is holding?
What has Martha found in her garden?


Still image for this video
What a fantastic performance, Martha!
Beth has been playing the guitar with her dad.