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Isle of Wight

Friday update

Followed the 3 Bs before breakfast; beds, bags and bins all stripped and stuffed to empty our cabins and prepare for our journey. Final activities of high swinging, low ropes and buggy-building with an eye on home. Looking forward to a last lunch and keeping our fingers crossed for kind traffic on the M25. Be prepared for happy tears on their sun-kissed faces: they're exhausted!


Please make sure all children are collected: none will be allowed to leave school without an adult.


Four teachers went away

With 34 children to play

On the Isle of Wight

Where the sun's golden light

Spotlit each magical day.

Thursday Night Update


Today the children went to Dinosaur Isle with hats and sun cream and hopes of finding some fossils on Sandown Beach. The coach was peaceful, just the planning of outfits for the disco tonight. I'm sure all the guides will make it the best disco ever.

Wednesday Night Update


Another fun-filled; sun filled day on the Isle of Wight. We've journeyed; we've paddled; we've made rainbows that rock. Heading back for dinner; sports night and showers, to the sound of children chanting call-and-answer songs on the coach. Thinking of staying for a fortnight!!!


(I wish I was there - Miss Young)