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Friday 15.5.20

Have fun working out the codes to make your subtraction number sentences. It's more fun doing it on Seesaw. 

Thursday 14.5.20

This is a reminding to everyone that we are now working in Power Maths book 1B. Please make sure you collect it from the school at the given time. Complete the work on pages 29-31 in your book 1B. If you have already done the work, log on to Mymaths to complete some of the activities there.

Wednesday 13.5.20

Look at the two pages attached and complete the work in your Power Maths book 1B pages 29-31. Also log on to Mymaths for some practise.

Tuesday 12.5.20

Today you will complete the two sheets attached on 'Thinking together'. Then you will do the challenge and reflect on page 28 in your Power Maths book 1B.

Monday 11.5.20

This week we will be looking at subtractions. Discuss the two pictures attached on Discover and Share with your grownups. Remember that when we subtract, the number or answer get lesser and lesser (smaller and smaller). You will be working in your Power maths book 1B, pages 26 and 27. Also remember to log on to MyMaths for some practise.