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Same Difference Project and Celebration

27th June 2022



Same Difference



Dear Parents,


Over the next few weeks we will ask all pupils to work on a project about themselves. The purpose of the project is to recognise and celebrate our children’s individuality and diversity. The work will be known as the Same Difference project.


We want to encourage all children to consider and share with others those things that make them who they are – their talents, interests, family, languages, home country and cultural heritage.


All children will be able to contribute. – whether their family comes from across the globe or has stayed in Walthamstow for generations. We will be asking everyone to work on a family tree and we will need your help to complete this. Your children may also ask you to borrow family photos or help with their projects. Please give your support where you can.


At the end of the project, we will invite you all to attend a carnival afternoon and family picnic in the school grounds that celebrates everyone’s contribution to the diversity of our school’s culture. Our Same Difference celebration and picnic will be in three weeks’ time during the afternoon of Monday 18th July. We will send you the times and an invitation closer to the date.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Yours sincerely,




M Hanks