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Watch the video and learn about rhythm. Try saying and clapping the rhythms made by objects you find around your house.
Try putting the names of several objects together to make longer rhythms.
Use drawings to record your rhythm so that other people can play it too.

Costco Six

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Good morning! This week's song is a request from Mckenzie. It is an original composition by RB who were asked to suggest four random words which we turned into a song.

Our words for this song are: Costco Six Shallow Blue

Listen out for how the words are repeated.

Try writing your own songs with four words. You might choose a theme for the words to link them together. For example, if your song was about Spring you might choose to use words like sunshine, blossom, leaves, birdsong. It would be brilliant to hear some of your ideas!

Also, remember that you can email any song requests to us and we will do our best to post them.


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This is a song that we have spent time in school learning together.
Activities that you could use alongside the song:
Clap along in time with the music;
Learn the words to the new verse that has been added to what we have already practised and sing along;
Make up some actions;
Discuss what the song might be about and the meaning of any unfamiliar words.

This Little Light of Mine

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Tiger Tiger

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This is another song the children in Reception have sung in school. It was mentioned during a phone call to a child in RB. Please let us know if there are any other songs that your child would like added here and we'll try our best to do so.

Don't forget to roar at the end of this one!

I Like the Flowers

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As requested by Martha! Watch out for a longer version coming soon...