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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We have a new website called Seesaw. When we call home this week, we will give you a code to log on to our class. Mrs Taylor and myself will also be asking your mum or dad for their email address to make Seesaw run smoothly and so we can stay in contact. The good thing is that it is a private account, so we you can upload your work and you can comment and like your friend's work. Also when we go back to school and you do a great piece of work, we can put it on Seesaw and your parents will be able to see it.


Each person gets their own code so please don't share it. If you haven't got a code yet, send a message on the Contact Us form. If you haven't received your code by the end of Friday it is because we haven't been able to get in touch. On the Contact Us form, please fill in your email address so we are able to reply to you. 


Stay safe and speak soon!

The Queen is 94 today! Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth II!


Why don't you design her birthday cake, invitations or a new crown to help her celebrate. You could even design her clothes, she loves a matching outfit and hat. Here is a powerpoint for you to find out more information. I'm also going to add it as a pdf as I think that is easier for some of you.


A few years ago, Mrs Taylor and I were lucky enough to meet HM with the children in our class. She called us over and 4 children handed her flowers and cards that we made. After, children were interviewed for TV and Prince Philip asked them questions. It was a great day! I love looking back on memories. Try to make some happy memories for yourself over this time off school.

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