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Applying for a Primary School Place in Reception


Apply online at


The school offers 60 places per year group. if you would like to visit the school before making your application please phone or email the school office for an appointment.


Our policy is that LBWF run our schools’ admissions and we follow their guidelines, criteria and procedure. The current booklet can be viewed on the Waltham Forest website.

To read the booklet follow the link at the bottom of this page.


If there are more applications than there are places available at a school, Waltham Forest will use the following criteria, in priority order, to decide who should be offered a place. If you wish to apply under priorities 1–4, you must tick the box to indicate this on your application, and supply supporting documentation.


Priority 1 – Looked After Children or Children ‘At Risk’ 

Priority 2 – Medical or social reasons 

Priority 3 – Siblings 

Priority 4 – School Staff Children 

Priority 5 – Distance



Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs are awarded a school place under the terms of the 1996 Education Act - not through the admissions criteria. They will be allocated a place at the school named on their Education and Health Care Plan.


The priorities are explained in full in the admissions booklet.


Please note:

Children do not automatically transfer from nursery to a Reception class; 

Children do not automatically get a place if they have a brother or sister already at the school;

In both these instances you still need to make an application.




1 September 2023

Applications open

15 January 2024

Closing date for applications

16 April 2024

Offer letters posted to applicants making paper applications

16 April 2024

Online applicants emailed with the outcome during the evening

17 April 2024

Offer letters should be received for paper applications

30 April 2024

Deadline to accept or decline offer

16 May 2024

Deadline for appeal requests to be submitted


Please visit the Waltham Forest Admissions webpage for more information on applying for a primary school place. If you have any questions then you can contact the admissions team directly on 0208 496 3000

email them at 



In Year Admission Procedures

Please contact the school office for details of how to apply for any school place other than a Reception place starting in September.



If your child’s application for a place at the school is unsuccessful, you will be informed why admission was refused and given information about the process for hearing appeals with your offer. If you wish to appeal, you must set out the grounds for your appeal in writing and send it to the following address:

The Education Appeals Committee; Democratic Services; Town Hall; Forest Road; Walthamstow; E17 8ER


Full details of the school’s appeals process including the deadline for receipt of appeals and timetable for hearing appeals can be found in London Borough of Waltham Forest’s ‘Starting Primary School’:



Applying for Secondary School

There is a lot of information online regarding your child and applying for a secondary school place but we have supplied some relevant points for you;


Before making the application: 

Read the information brochure

• Contacting other Authorities that you are interested in

• Contact schools and ask for a prospectus

• Look at the schools website

• Do any of the schools require a supplementary information form (SIF)

• Reading reports on the schools by OFSTED

• Going to the schools open evenings 


Key points to be aware of: 

• Some schools are oversubscribed each year

• Try and get a realistic idea of whether your child will be offered a place. 

• Read the admission criteria for each school (they are not all the same)

• How many admissions made last year, how the places were allocated

• Does the schools curriculum and aims suit the needs of your child

• Think about travel and possible costs 



Making Your Application: 

Applications for secondary schools should be made online between 1st September  

and 31st October. 


The Application:

Online applications can be made at: 


For telephone advice: 0208 496 3000


or email


For full information on applying for a secondary school place follow the link below: