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At Roger Ascham we inspire our pupils to develop the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills which are essential for success in the rest of the curriculum and beyond. These skills are taught in English lessons and in lessons across the curriculum.

Our pupils have the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally, culturally, socially and spiritually through the written and spoken word. This learning takes place in an atmosphere of respect and challenge. We respect the child’s best efforts at understanding and being understood. We challenge the children to be clear; to organise their thoughts; and to use Standard English.


Speaking and listening underpins children’s development in English. Children have opportunities to speak and listen in a range of group sizes, with different people and with different purposes. These include role play, acting and public speaking. They learn to ask questions and check understanding in order to be active listeners who can learn from discussions. Children are taught vocabulary and structures in the context of meaningful communication and we inspire them to develop the habits of clarifying meaning and of seeking better ways to describe and structure their ideas.


At Roger Ascham we teach children to write accurately and with stamina. The children rehearse the vocabulary, sentence structures, organisational structures and handwriting skills they need to express themselves and organise their ideas. We inspire them to improve their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills as a means to improve the communication of their ideas and feelings. Writing tasks are meaningful and as often as possible have a real life purpose.

The skills that the children learn in English at Roger Ascham are integral to success in the broader curriculum and in life.