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School meals provision

At Roger Ascham Primary School, all meals are prepared in the school kitchen. Children are served in year groups inside the school halls. There is provision for children to eat a packed lunch and have a drink (no glass bottles please) brought from home.


The price of a school meal changes from time to time; the current price is £2.00. Money should be brought to school in an envelope labelled with the child’s name and the amount enclosed. These are collected during registration by the class teacher. Payment must be made in advance on the Monday, or first school day of the week.


Please note: 

~    if arrears build up, the school will be unable to provide a meal until the debt is cleared. 


~    if your child is absent at the beginning of the week, then payment can be made directly to the office on their return to school. 


~    meals need to be booked in to the office by 10.00 am at the latest otherwise a packed lunch will have to be provided. 


~    if your child has an appointment and is going to arrive after this time, please let the office know in advance.


Free school meals

Free school meals are now administered by the Benefits Service along with Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefit. Changes have been made to the application process and there are now a number of ways that parents can apply: 


~    complete a Free Schools Meals application form on the council website


~    telephone 020 8496 3000 during normal office hours (Monday–Friday between 9am–5pm)


~    visit one of the following Waltham Forest Direct local shops 


~    parents can also apply when they are claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Benefit. 


At Roger Ascham we ask for parents/carers to inform us of their children’s dinner arrangements in advance. We require a form to be completed, giving details of whether school dinners are to be provided. Alternatively, packed lunches can be brought in to school, or the children can be collected and kept off site for the lunch-time period. This lunchtime pattern should be consistent for at least a term.


Whilst we are happy to manage lunchtimes so that children can eat and enjoy shared recreational time, on the rare occasions where there are serious concerns about a child’s ability to behave appropriately, we reserve the right to ask for that child to go home at lunchtimes.



There are a number of options for applying for free school meals;



Fill in the online application form;


In person

Waltham Forest Direct Shop

7-10 Central Parade


London E17 4RT

Open: Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm


It is possible for arrangements to be made for children with special dietary requirements. Contact or visit the school office for more details:  020 8527 3157