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Why do we wear uniform?

School uniform is compulsory and must be worn by all pupils. All children have to be identifiable as belonging to Roger Ascham and, in order for that to happen, they must all be in school uniform. 

Uniform supports a common identity and a feeling of belonging - when in school or on educational visits.  It reduces the pressures of having to conform to trends and fashions and the distractions this can cause. In addition to this, we understand that clothing children can be expensive and believe that uniform provides a cheaper solution to this whilst they are at school.


Our uniform consists of:


~    Roger Ascham jumper, cardigan or fleece - must be purchased at school

~    Yellow polo shirt 

~    Charcoal grey trousers / shorts or

~    Charcoal grey skirts / pinafore dress or

~    Gingham dress in yellow / blue and plain black trainers / shoes


Our PE kit is as follows:


 ~    White t-shirt

 ~    Black shorts

 ~    Black plimsolls

 ~    Blue Roger Ascham PE bag


Local supermarkets will stock the colours required for the schools in their area. 

The only item of uniform that has to be bought from school is the Roger Ascham School jumper or cardigan. 

Shoes must be black with black laces, buckles or velcro. Plain, completely black trainers are allowed.

Jeans or track suit trousers are not part of school uniform and must not be worn. 

Jumpers and cardigans that do not display the school crest are not part of our school uniform and must not be worn.

Uniform can be ordered and paid for at the school office during office hours. Payment can be made in cash or by cheque – made payable to ‘Roger Ascham Primary School’.



22" (2-3), 24" (4-5), 26" (5-6), 28" (6-7), 30" (7-8), 32" (9-10), 34" (11-12), 36" (XS)

24" (4-5), 26" (5-6), 28" (6-7), 30" (7-8), 32" (9-10), 34" (11-12), XS£13.00
Polo Shirt - Gold 

22" (3-4), 24" (4-5), 26" (5-6), 28" (6-7), 30" (7-8), 32" (9-10), 34" (11-12),

36" (13-14)

XXSmall, XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge£15.00
PE Bag£5.00