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At Roger Ascham, we will inspire pupils to participate fully and develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and exercise.

Our PE curriculum is at the heart of our striving for all pupils to ‘Be the Best You Can Be’. Opportunities to improve their own individual performance will help our pupils to develop the habits of perseverance, risk taking and resilience. Furthermore, fairness, respect, leadership and teamwork will be taught in the context of collaboration and competition.

We will teach the children at Roger Ascham that a good level of physical fitness and confidence enhances their learning in all areas of life and the curriculum. The school will demonstrate its commitment to children’s physical development through regular physical activity and PE lessons taught by experts. In turn, pupils will value the positive impact this has on their health, fitness and well-being. They will develop the habits of exercise and enjoyment of movement which will remain with them into KS3 and beyond.

Through the provision of a range of sporting activities and extracurricular clubs, both indoors and outdoors, we intend that all children will find enjoyment and challenge in the PE curriculum. They will learn basic skills which they will perform confidently and competently across a range of sporting and physical activities. All pupils will have opportunities to improve, collaborate and compete which will enable them to become the best they can be.