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RE lessons at Roger Ascham provide opportunities for children to consider the big questions in life, to look with awe and wonder at the world around us and consider what it means to be human. Through the discipline of trying to understand the beliefs, practices and ideas of others, children will develop respect for difference and open mindedness towards people of all faiths and none. Children will reflect on and articulate their own beliefs and ideas and develop their sense of identity and belonging in a multicultural society.

In RE lessons, children consider meaning and purpose in life; beliefs about God; issues of right and wrong; and what it means to be human. They will learn about religions and worldviews through: religious stories and texts; celebrations and traditions of different faiths; meanings of religious vocabulary; and religious symbols. Also, they will learn to think about what is important to them personally; reflect on moral values of right and wrong; recognise the similarities and differences between their own lives and others; and communicate their ideas and ask and respond to questions. 

Respect, confidence and curiosity cannot be taught didactically, so we will provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children are able to explore ideas and ask questions.  We will use our diverse community as a resource for children to find out about what other people believe. We will offer our children a means by which to understand how they and other people choose to live and to understand why they choose to live in that way.