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The information is relevant to those parents/guardians with children in both Primary and Secondary schools therefore trust your personal judgement on what you feel will be relevant information to share with your child.

Safeguarding Contact Form

Staff and pupils at Roger Ascham Primary School are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and well-being of all of their pupils. Every school has a safeguarding policy to ensure that the school has effective measures in place to safeguard children from potential harm and risk and that the safety and well-being of their pupils are of the highest priority.  


A link to our safeguarding policy is below.

The school works in partnership with parents and outside agencies to educate children and keep them safe from harm and promote their welfare and well-being.  Our thorough PSHE scheme of work guides children to make positive choices so that they can stay safe, be the best that they can be and act in the best interest of us all.

“Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility.  Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play”. (Working Together to Safeguard Children, September 2018)


The school pays full regard and attention to the “Keeping Children Safe in Education” guidance issued by the DFE in September 2020. All staff receive current safeguarding training annually, as well regular updates and training from outside agencies and the Safeguarding Team.  Staff also receive a school safeguarding newsletter every term.  All new members of staff and visitors are subject to safeguarding checks and receive a safeguarding induction with one of the Safeguarding Leads before they work alongside children. 


If you have a concern or would like help or support for your child or your family, please contact Ms. Natai – Assistant Head Teacher & Safeguarding Lead or Mrs Bain - Learning Mentor & Deputy Safeguarding Lead. Alternatively, any member of staff can make time to listen to your concerns and make a referral to the Safeguarding Team. 


RAPS Early Help

We provide different levels of support for children and families within school, this is called Early Help. 

Early help at Roger Ascham Primary


Extended Services

Breakfast club and After school club

Pre-school Toy library




PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Emotional) curriculum 

Barnardo's LifeSkills Programme

Safeguarding (cycle training, road safety, fire safety, swimming lessons, anti-gang workshops, anti-bullying, e-safety, drugs/alcohol awareness, NSPCC workshops)

EAL support for children and families

Transition support

Interventions (Inference, Daily Supported Reading, Better Reading Partners, Attention Autism, Additional Teachers)


Teachers responsible for e-safety and computing: Mr Sadiq and Miss Young

SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator): Mr Harris

Teacher responsible for Well Being & PE: Ms Ashraff


Pastoral Support

Designated Safeguarding Leads: DSL Ms Natai and Deputy DSL Mrs Bain 

Learning Mentor: Mrs Bain

Learning Mentor support for children: individual, small group, in class

Learning Mentor support for parents: completing forms, signposting, family support

Art Therapist: Mr Allen supports individual pupils and small groups (Wednesdays & Thursdays)

Speech and Language Therapist: Alison Wood (Thursdays)

Restorative Practice Practitioners: Mr Harris and Mrs Bain

Social skills and social communication

Lego Therapy

Educational Psychologist: Ms Griffiths

Attendance: Mrs Bain

Financial subsidies, free school meals, Pupil Premium support

Young Carers support

Operation Encompass – support for children who have witnessed domestic violence


Medical Support

All Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Middays & Office staff are trained in First Aid

Paediatric First Aid Trained Staff: Mrs Ali (Nursery), Mrs Bain and Mrs Keskin

Diabetes Trained Staff: Mr Harris, Mrs Bain and Mrs Oyak

Health care plans

Administering prescribed medication

School Nurse drop in clinics: Miss H Palazzetti


Occupational Therapists


Waltham Forest Early Help: Support for families

Waltham Forest Early Help works in partnership with other professionals, parents and carers to intervene early on when families need more support. The aim is to address problems at the earliest opportunity - before they can escalate - and to enable families to support their children to reach their full potential.

Early intervention is confidential and may occur at any point. The Early Help approach is underpinned by an Early Help assessment and a team around the family meeting. Early Help supports families with children and young people aged 0 to 19 and up to 25 with a disability.  If you would like to know more or you would like to be considered for WF Early Help, please make an appointment at the office with Ms Natai or Mrs Bain.

Our school safeguarding curriculum map and the PSHE curriculum map are attached below.

Operation Encompass


Operation Encompass has been implemented to help schools provide the appropriate support to children who have been present during an incident of domestic abuse/violence.  Roger Ascham Primary School is an Operation Encompass school.

Below are links to websites that can provide advice and support.