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Geography lessons at Roger Ascham will inspire children to be curious and fascinated about the natural and human aspects of the world. Geography is the study of places and the relationship that people have with them: including how cultures are shaped by where they are located, and how human activity impacts on the environment. Children should develop a sense of personal and collective responsibility for the world around us and consider how we might change our lifestyles and use of space and resources to live more sustainably and equitably with others.


Through geography, children at Roger Ascham develop:

an understanding of locations across the globe including where events are occuring;

a deepening appreciation and understanding of their own locality as well as a broadening knowledge of what exists beyond their local environment;

knowledge of how information and data can be represented in different ways and for different purposes, including through cartography;

navigational skills.


Children are taught to make connections between people, places, processes and environments. They are given opportunities to appreciate and express the uniqueness of a place and also explore how it is connected with other places. They learn how the environmental and natural characteristics of a place impact upon human settlement and conversely how human behaviour impacts upon the natural environment; what causes a place to be like it is and how and why it might be changing.


Children learn a balance of knowledge, skills and geographical concepts. They use their learning as a framework within which to question, investigate, organise information and make decisions when attempting to solve geographical problems, drawing upon their learning in English and maths to aid them. These skills will be transferable to subjects across the curriculum and into KS3 and beyond.