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If you are feeling worried or anxious about anything at all there are many options to you. One option is to speak to an adult you trust, like a family member or any adult in the school. Don't forget Mrs Bain is very good at listening. There is also a website called Childline who are there to talk through any worries and concerns that you are feeling. The phone number is 0800 1111. They are part of the NSPCC who come and visit us every 3 years. They have lots of advice, videos and games on their website too.
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12.2.20 visit from the 2 John’s - stay safe online

If you aren’t prepared to make your Tik Tok account private, at least turn off ‘allow downloads’ so strangers can’t save your video.


Communicating in Roblox - there is always a way to chat - stay safe, don’t send photos, don’t send personal information. If you are worried, tell an adult you trust (parent, teacher) you won’t get told off for doing something you shouldn’t we just want to keep you safe. 

When you send a photo it includes your location!