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Our history curriculum will ignite children’s curiosity about the past in their own environment, in Britain and in the wider world.  Their learning about the past will influence their personal choices, attitudes and values.  It will provide a context for their own growing sense of identity and will help them to understand how the world around them came to be the way it is today.

Historians at Roger Ascham will select areas to investigate; ask questions; evaluate evidence; imagine; collaborate; challenge their own and others’ assumptions; and make connections. They will study cause and consequence and continuity and change through a combination of in depth studies and broad overviews of time.  They will develop a concept of a chronological framework within which they can place their knowledge of people and events.

Children at Roger Ascham will learn that historical events can be interpreted in different ways. Through critical evaluation of sources, they will consider what they do not know as well as what they do know and how they know it.  An understanding of bias and consideration of the nature of knowledge and inference are essential to learning history and also to learning how to learn.