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Head Teacher

Mr Hanks


Deputy Head Teacher

Mr Desoer


Assistant Head Teacher

Ms Natai



Mrs Smith

Mrs Johnson


Site Services

Mr Fraser

Mr Smith



Mrs Bain

Mr Allen - Art Therapist

Ms Wood - Speech and Language Therapist



Mr Harris


EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Desoer


EYFS Teachers and Support Staff

Miss El-Tahlawi

Mrs Panesar

Ms Pridmore


Mrs Ali

Mrs Keskin

Mrs Gardiner

Mrs Day

Mrs Blake



Years 1-3 Phase Leader

Miss Alexander


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Sackey

Mrs Khan

Mr Harris


Year 2 Teachers

Ms Alexander

Mr Desoer

Ms Pallett

Ms Natai


Year 3 Teachers

Miss Young

Mr James


Years 4-6 Phase Leader

Mr Sadiq


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Kelly

Mr Whyte


Year 5 Teachers

Mr Chelaru

Ms Haboo

Mr Lago


Year 6 Teachers 

Mr Sadiq

Ms Marmora

Mrs Hanks


Additional and Specialist Teaching Staff

Mr Towell - Design and Technology

Ms Ashraff - PE and Wellbeing

Ms Scott - PE