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Special Educational Needs

At Roger Ascham Primary School,  we plan our provision for children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) through observation, assessment and discussions with parents/carers and multi-agency professionals (e.g. GP, school nurse, Educational Psychologists, therapists etc.)  Our focus is always the needs of each individual child and we approach each child's difficulties with respect and an open mind.


Who's involved?

Ms Alexander is our school's designated Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator ( SENDCo).


Parents/carers are consulted at every stage and invited to attend meetings with the SENDCo, as well as other support services that we provide at school.


Our pastoral team support children and families across the school.

Our Pastoral Team consists of Ms Natai (safeguarding lead), Mrs Bain (learning mentor and deputy safeguarding lead), Ms Alexander (SENDCo and designated person for looked after and post-looked after children), Mr Allen (art therapist) and Mr Towell (teacher).


 SEND Information Report


Every school has to provide a SEND Information report outlining their part in the 'Local Offer' (see the link below). Our information report was updated in January 2024.

RAPS SEND Information Report

If you have any questions or concerns about special educational needs, please contact our SENDCo, Ms Alexander.


More information on special educational needs can be found through the government link below.