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Happy Christmas December 2022

Happy Christmas Everyone!


Thank you to everyone who attended the carol concert in the snow and ice on Tuesday – it was brilliant, truly memorable and truly freezing!


My thanks go to all staff and members of our reformed PTA who helped organise and make it happen – and mostly to Mr Desoer and Mr Smith (our new caretaker) who both worked tirelessly for 2 days to get the ground cleared of snow and ice and safe for the children to perform and for you to be able to join us. It was an absolute joy.


Weeks like this can bring out the best in us. On Monday the whole of the juniors were able to play in the snow together – they had a great time without anyone getting over excited or silly. All week the children have enjoyed the festivities in school – the concert, the decorations, the parties and Christmas lunch and they have done so mostly without being able to play outside. The ice and grit on the ground have made this impossible since Monday. We have had no fuss, no bother, no extra ‘work clubs’ (in fact, no ‘work clubs at all!). We should all be very proud of how our children have adapted to the unusual week they’ve had.


You can now keep up to date with everything happening in school via the new class websites. Follow the link in the Children section of the school website to your child’s year group. Here you will find information on dates, timings, homework and topic work as well as letters and some examples of what pupils are up to at school.


In the meantime, I wish you again a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the new year when we return to school on Wednesday 4th January.


My very best wishes to you all,


M Hanks