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29th May 2020


Returning to School on June 1st.


Dear Parents,


School will be open on Monday June 1st for pupils in Early Years, Year One and Year Six.

Your child’s teacher has already spoken to you to find out whether or not your child is returning. They have also told you which group they are in and their start and finish times.

We will continue to provide home learning for every child not returning to school.


We need to take every precaution to keep the community safe at this time, so please read the following important information very carefully. Some of it sounds really unfriendly and I’m sorry for this but the following arrangements are important to us all:


Arrangements for our existing key-worker group – including start and finish times remain the same;


We can only take in children if you have confirmed their return with their teacher – we will not be able to admit any children who turn up on the day. If you have said that your child will not be returning but later on change your mind, inform the office and we will confirm their safe return to school as soon as possible


It is essential that everyone uses the correct gate – even if you have to walk past an open gate to get to the correct one. Gates to be used are:


Key worker group: School Office

EYFS: Playground gate by the school office;

Yr 1:  Williams Avenue

Yr 6:  Wigton Road junior playground


Unaccompanied children will not be admitted. All children must be brought to school and collected by an adult – but just one adult please, with no other family members present (apart from babies in buggies or prams) – no toddlers walking or on scooters thanks;


Please double-check your child’s start and finish times. Each group’s is different and they must be kept to without any exceptions;


We are not able to accommodate part-time places or casual attendance;


When on the school grounds or outside the school gate please ensure that you observe social distancing at all times;


Please stay at least 2 metres away from your child’s classroom;


In school, groups will not mix with one another at any time – so it’s really important that they don’t on their journeys to and from school;


Adults will not be able to enter the school buildings – there will be no toilet facilities available for visitors;


School dinners will be provided as normal;


At this time, we are only using the newer, larger classrooms – these classrooms have their own toilets and external doors -shared areas such as the corridors or library will not be used;


Children will not share stationery. Reading books will be ‘in quarantine’ for at least 72 hours before being touched by another child. Keyboards will be cleaned before and after use. School uniform can be worn and washed as normal with no special requirements;


During the school day, children will be encouraged to stay 2 metres apart as much as possible but please understand that the Government’s guidance has consistently told us that we cannot guarantee that young children will always stay 2 metres apart from each other;


If a child is taken ill during the school day then they will be quickly isolated and cared for in strict accordance with Government guidelines – they will need to be collected by an adult and taken home straight away;


If your child becomes unwell and is diagnosed as having Covid-19 then please inform school immediately. If at any time we have a confirmed case at school then the Government’s guidelines tell us to close down that particular group and all adults and children within that group must self-isolate at home for 14 days.


Children will not wear face masks in school. Government guidelines tell us that this increases the risk of infection in a school setting.


The school office will be open for appointments only. Appointments can be made via phone or email. Please do not go to the office without an appointment as regretfully, we will not be able to see you. The same also applies to meetings and conversations with teachers.



My very best wishes go to you all.


M Hanks