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School arrangements for Covid 19

19th March 2020


Dear Parents,


As I am sure you all know, our school will be shutting for the majority of pupils on Friday. All schools will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We currently have no indication of how long we will be closed for.


I will post regular updates on the school website. Visit our school website and click on either Noticeboard or Latest News.


Schools will remain open for all pupils with an EHC plan, all pupils under the care of a social worker and all children of parents on the list of key workers. We are all still waiting for the government to tell us who will qualify for the list of key workers. Please understand that it will not be our decision as to who is included. The government has indicated that perhaps 10% of pupils will still be able to attend school.


While we are closed, all teachers will post daily lesson plans on our website. We will show children how to access these tomorrow. We will also send home and post on the website clear instructions. We plan to provide a range of opportunities including daily English and maths work, weekly science and topic work and longer running projects as well as any websites we think would be particularly useful for you at home.


The kitchen will be open from 12.15 – 1pm on Monday to provide a lunch for any child who is entitled to a free school dinner. Please be aware that this will be a take away service only.


Please visit the school website for future updates. I will post these regularly.


My very best wishes go out to you all and your families. Please take good care of one another, particularly your elderly loved ones.


Yours sincerely,


M Hanks