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School Reopens 8th March

25th February 2020


Dear Parents,

School re-opens on Monday 8th March for all pupils. I look forward to seeing you all again.

The government have asked schools to make it clear to parents that attendance for all pupils is mandatory – parents will not have the option to keep children at home.

The arrangements in school will be very similar to last term. There is still no requirement for primary pupils to wear face coverings and there is no Covid-19 testing of pupils in primary schools.

Children will continue to be taught in their own classes, of normal size. At all times they will remain in ‘bubbles’ of their own year group. Children from each year group bubble will be prevented from mixing with other year groups. School staff (including visiting staff such as the Speech and Language therapist) may work across any class or year group, though we will endeavour to limit this as much as possible.

Start and finish times

We will continue to operate staggered start and end times to reduce the flow of adults around the site. Please ensure that just one adult delivers and collects your child on their own.


Year Group

Start Time

End Time


9.15 am   Nursery gate

12.30 pm

11.45 am Nursery gate

3 pm


9.15 am  Williams Ave

3.15 pm  Office gate


9 am       Williams Ave

3.10 pm  Williams Ave


8.50 am  Williams Ave

3 pm       Office gate


9.15 am  Wigton Rd

3.30 pm  Wigton Rd


9.05 am  Wigton Rd

3.20  pm Wigton Rd


8.55 am  Wigton Rd

3.10pm   Wigton Rd


8.45 am  Wigton Rd

3 pm       Wigton Rd


All adults must wear a face covering at drop-off and collection times.

Families with more than one child in the school can drop off and collect their children together - drop off at the earlier time and collect at the later time. These children should go straight to their own classroom. This means you won’t have to make unnecessary journeys or wait around for classes to finish.

It is essential that everyone keeps to their times and is punctual – please leave the school site promptly as soon as your children have been delivered or collected.

If waiting on the playground please use the main open areas and spread out as much as possible. Please do not gather together or come within 2 metres of the classroom door.

The office will remain closed to all parents and visitors unless you have an appointment.

There will be no toilet facilities for visitors and parents will not be able to enter the classrooms or school buildings at any time.

Children will not be able to bring any items from home apart from a refillable water bottle and their packed lunch if they have one. Single use plastic water bottles will not be allowed as it’s so difficult to tell whose is whose.

Breakfast and After School Club will continue to run. If you need to apply for a place then please email to request a booking form and return your completed form to the same email address.


During the school day

Lunches will be served as normal with tables and chairs cleaned between each use.

There is no expectation that children need to socially distance within their bubbles.

Children and staff will wash and/or sanitise their hands thoroughly throughout the day.

Staff members will maintain social distancing guidelines whenever possible.

Staff will not work closely alongside individual pupils for more than 15mins.

Movement around the school will be using outside routes whenever possible. Staggered break times and lunches should mean that, for the majority of the time, only a small number of pupils are moving around the school at any time.

Each group will have their own set of playground equipment.

An updated risk assessment is available to read on the school website.


Best wishes


M Hanks