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Welcome Back September 2023

Welcome Back: September 2023


Hello Everyone,


I hope you have all enjoyed a restful, happy and (in the past few days at least) sunny summer holiday.


A particularly warm welcome goes out to those of you whose children are new to our school, including those about to start in Early Years.


First things first – I can confirm that we have no aerated concrete in the school buildings.


A few reminders:


Our school gates open at 8.45am and all children go straight to class. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please understand that this may not be the best time and they may ask you to come back at a later time. Children must be in class by 9am or they are marked as late.


School ends at 3.10pm for all infant classes and 3.15pm for all junior classes. In some cases, children who have had their 10th birthday are allowed to walk home on their own but only if we have a completed form signed by a parent – speak to Mrs Oyak or Mrs Bain at the school gate and they will be able to help with this.


Please read the information on school uniform on the Parents’ section of the school website – it includes the reminder that uniform includes plain black shoes. Jewellery is not safe – it can cause horrible injuries to children who wear it if there is an accident. For this reason, jewellery should not be worn.


If your child rides their bike or scooter to school then please remind them that they are not allowed to ride on the playground – they need to dismount before they get to the school gate. We currently have more bikes and scooters than we have space for in our shelters. More shelters have been ordered but we are still waiting. In the meantime, storing them all safely, particularly scooters, is a problem. Last year we lost a bike and a scooter – taken from the school playground. It would be helpful if you could take your child’s scooter home with you and store it there during the school day rather than leave it in school. If you do leave your child’s scooter in school then please make it uniquely identifiable. I wish I could guarantee to you that all items brought into school could be left safe at all times – but I can’t make you this promise. In assemblies I remind children that any item that is special or precious (that would cause upset if lost) should be left at home and not brought into school.


I send you all my best wishes for a positive and successful first term back at school.


Kind regards,


M Hanks